We have learned many lessons since the COVID-19 outbreak. One important lesson is just how critical it is for every Marylander to have access to health care.

As more Marylanders lose their jobs and the health of our communities is at risk, the state’s health insurance marketplace, Maryland Health Connection, has options for free and low-cost health insurance.

Marylanders have until June 15 to enroll in a health plan through Maryland Health Connection’s Coronavirus Emergency Special Enrollment Period. More than 38,000 Marylanders have already received coverage since our state of emergency began in March, and have health coverage that will protect themselves and their families not just now, but in the future.

You can also enroll by filing your state taxes by July 15. On your state tax forms (502 and 502B) check the box to share your information with Maryland Health Benefit Exchange to see if you qualify for free or low cost health insurance.

We are committed to providing access to affordable health coverage for Marylanders during this difficult time, and beyond. I urge your readers to reach out to someone they love and let them know that health coverage is within reach.

Michele Eberle, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange.