This is in response to the Nov. 15 letter to the editor by Richard Navickas titled in part “We need to keep America free….” A very regular contributor to the Maryland Independent, in his most recent offering he has outdone himself. In the course of a couple of hundred words he has somehow managed to cram an admirable number of right-wing conspiracy theories into a tome that associated just about every despicable historical figure but Attila the Hun, and many current personalities such as George Soros and Hugo Chavez, to the Democratic Party.

As in previous letters, he has also chastised Americans — I assume he means mostly Democrats — for their supposed gullibility to “fake news” sources, and in a condescending manner suggests that his international travels and honorable service have imparted a certain wisdom and clarity about the dangers of socialism that the rest of us do not or cannot possibly comprehend.

What concerns me as a proud Democrat and military veteran who has also traveled the world, is the almost Orwellian logic that permeates his letter, assuming that by sprinkling words like “communist,” “socialist,” “Muslim,” “controlled media,” with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the guilt by association will stick and the reality of what is taking place in our country will be glossed over or dismissed.

Sorry Mr. Navickas, but I am not buying it. It is time for you and your fellow Republicans to own the national embarrassment residing in the White House and call out behavior that is truly undemocratic and a threat to our great country.

Fred Bumgarner, Chesapeake Beach