The purpose of this letter is to notify Charles County residents of the new pro-life organization called Saving Babies. As our name implies, Saving Babies is dedicated to saving the lives of pre-born children and newborns who are the most vulnerable, innocent and defenseless among us. Saving Babies believes that:

• Human beings are made in the image of God.

• Babies and newborns are a gift from God, not “a choice” that can be discarded and disposed of like trash, or worse, and have their body parts sold for research and experimentation purposes.

• Abortion is a heinous human rights abuse and the evil scourge of our time.

• Abortion causes suffering and death to the child, and in many cases, lasting regret and depression for the mother.

• Abortion is an unjustifiably cruel and barbaric practice, and each and every abortion defies God’s command against murder.

• Abortion promotes a culture of death, devalues human life and corrupts the very fabric of our society.

All pre-born, as well as all newborn, babies are human beings who must be granted equal protection under the law, beginning with their right to life, human dignity and humane treatment.

For the past three months, a team of Saving Babies volunteers has been present at Charles County churches and in the community gathering signatures from residents attesting to their pro-life position. We are asking Charles County residents to go on record as being pro-life.

Saving Babies is distributing a brochure with facts and statistics about abortion. On the back page of this brochure is a perforated signature page. Charles County residents are asked to sign two separate statements as follows:

I believe that innocent life, including fetal life, must always be protected and that society must protect those who cannot protect themselves.

And, I believe that Maryland legislators should accept the science that a baby is a person at conception with its own DNA, separate from the mother and father. Science also proves that babies in the womb feel pain. In view of this knowledge and in accordance with all that is humane, moral and decent, I propose that Maryland enact laws that protect the life of children in the womb.

Saving Babies’ two goals are to (a) declare through a resolution that Charles County is pro-life and (b) promote pro-life legislation within the state of Maryland. If you would like to see an end to the evil scourge of abortion and/or you would like to become a Saving Babies volunteer, please contact

Saving Babies is currently under the purview of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in La Plata. You can access the Saving Babies brochure through the Sacred Heart Church website. Go to, click “Get Involved” and scroll down to Saving Babies. There you will find the brochure, which you can copy, sign and mail in or drop off to Sacred Heart Church in La Plata. Remember these vulnerable, innocent and defenseless babies cannot speak for themselves. We must be their voice.

Bernadette Smith, Welcome