Recently, I noticed that Superintendent Kimberly Hill acknowledged and expressed sympathy for the loss of a staff member’s pet using her Charles County Twitter account. Generally, I understand the sentiment. In fact, I am a dog owner and understand how they become like members of our families.

However, on Dec. 23 a student who attended St. Charles High School died and the superintendent was noticeably silent. Fast forward just six days later and we see Dr. Hill using her platform (the public page) to send condolences on the loss of a pet! Somehow, this action sends the message that the leader of Charles County Public Schools is much more engaged in acknowledging the loss of a personal acquaintance’s pet than sharing a similarly worded message of support to the grieving parents, friends and teachers of one of our students. Sadly, in this action, the superintendent devalued the life of a human in favor of an animal. This is not what compassionate leadership should look like.

Deron E. Tross, Waldorf