My family and I wanted to thank the Tenth District Fire Department for saving our lives a few weeks ago. We had some work done on our HVAC and somehow carbon monoxide was released throughout the house without our knowledge.

When our carbon monoxide alarm went off, my husband called the HVAC company. After trying to air out the basement, we were advised to call the fire department. We were told to evacuate our home until they arrived.

Deputy Chief Wally Danielson, Wayne Klinger, Wayne Klinger Jr. and Sondai Bem arrived on the scene to evaluate and advise. They were in our home for approximately three hours. The level of carbon monoxide was high enough to have killed us if we spent the night in our home.

The Tenth District firemen saved our lives that Friday night, and we are forever grateful to them. We are thankful that God sent us professional, knowledgeable and courteous firemen. Please support your local fire department, and run out and buy carbon monoxide alarms now.

Deputy Chief Danielson came back to our home the next day, Saturday, to check on our well-being — amazing and appreciated!

Toki Smith, Welcome