I was appalled reading the article on August 6, “County sues over property dispute.” I have never heard of the Charles County Board of Commissioners taking law abiding citizens to court.

First of all, it is not a “dispute”; the residents own the easement. Did the Charles County Board of Commissioners, past and present, not do their job researching the ingress and egress of this property before purchasing this 34-acre property with taxpayers money?

And the Maryland Department of Human Services should have researched it before leasing.

Was the county unaware there are easements to properties in Charles County? Their first clue should have been that it’s on a gravel road and behind other houses.

If a property buyer is privy to this type of information why isn’t the county? The county assumed they had ingress and egress to the property. The No. 1 rule in government is never assume, always research, especially when you are buying property with taxpayer money.

Is our tax money being used against homeowners in court to take their land? Is this an example for what’s to come? Do all residents need to worry about their property if the county decides they want it?

The attempt by the county to abscond the property from its owners were unsuccessful last year, so now without warning, the county has a lawsuit against the property owners.

Is this really happening? There were two meetings held last year with all the owners of said property, residents of Deacon Street and the county commissioners to discuss. Did the county commissioners even take into consideration all the residents voicing their concerns about the traffic? Apparently not.

Not to mention, they did not have the common curtesy to inform this neighborhood before the decision was made to lease this house, knowing it would bombard this quiet neighborhood with 50-times the traffic.

Or did they assume the neighbors would welcome all this public traffic coming through their quiet dead-end street?

Is the county aware this neighborhood has existed since the 1960s and always had many children growing up there? For the past 50 years young families bought their homes on this street because of the light traffic, so their children could safely play, as they continue to do so now.

Does the county realize this traffic would include more than they are confessing to? Such as staff, deliveries, maintenance workers, foster families, parents of the foster children, fundraisers, picnics, ball games and whatever else the future holds to keep this convoluted plan going?

The paper states the ingress and egress is Demarr Road, but apparently they do not want to pay to “do the right thing.” Is this the residents’ fault that you made a big mistake?

Now is the time to correct it. Since the county owns 34 acres, they need to own their own ingress and egress driveway through Demarr Road. It would only make sense for future use. Don’t assume the quote you received to put in an entrance through Demarr Road can not be done in a cheaper way.

The county commissioners should learn from prior costly endeavors such as: countless studies on the transit system, subsidizing the Capital Clubhouse and White Plains Regional Golf Course, among other ventures. Maybe the next time we vote for county commissioners we should look for “business entrepreneurs” in their resume.

Vicky Canter, Waldorf