My letter is in response to a Sept. 4 letter submitted by Roseanne Vernon, “We need to clean up the trash in the county.” I, too, have written more than once about this same topic.

I have lived in this county for almost 42 years and must admit it looks like a dump. If I were driving on U.S. 301 for the first time, my observation would be that it is not a good place to live. Everywhere you look there is litter. If our citizens only had common decency and cared not only about themselves but cared about others it would be a big start.

The county once had an “Adopt-A-Road” program where people would “adopt” a portion of a road, or the entire road, and clean it up on a regular basis. Some, like myself, step up and do it on their own. If adults can’t take responsibility for their actions, and if parents of younger children can’t take responsibility for educating their children on right and wrong, then the county must assist by teaching children from a young age about littering and what it does to the environment: case in point, plastic straws and other plastic containers killing wildlife and polluting the oceans.

In Europe, when people go walking or jogging they take a trash bag with them to pick up the litter along the roadways. We can do this here; I’ve done it myself and have seen others do this also. Is it too hard for people to bend over and pick up the litter? It’s a shame the litter is here to begin with, but come on people, show some decency and have some respect for where you live and the people who live here with you in the area.

This county has many, many problems (such as the county has “talked” about the same issues for over 40 years, but nothing seems to change or get done), but this trash and littering problem would be an easy fix if only people cared.

Susan Lohman, Waldorf