Glad to hear President Trump’s Department of Justice is backing a Christian school (Bethel Christian Academy) in its religious discrimination lawsuit against the state of Maryland, which kicked the school out of a voucher program because of the school’s reasonable belief in traditional marriage and its belief that homosexual activity is wrong. States like Maryland, which discriminate against decent, moral people need to be sued big time and be forced to pay out huge settlements. Liberal bigots need to be taught some hard lessons.

As Democrats/liberals keep moving further and further to the extreme left, some of them are doing things unthinkable in saner times. For example, some liberals are so radical they actually believe it’s okay to discriminate against, legally persecute and make criminals out of decent, moral business people (e.g., bakers, photographers) who merely don’t want to cater to hetero-phobic homosexuals. Truly bizarre.

Two things may help explain what is going on with the liberal/left sociopolitical movement. A recent article in Psychology Today drew attention to an unsettling fact others have noted in the past: “people with mental disorders so easily rise to positions of power” (Steve Taylor, “In the Seat of Pathocracy,” Nov./Dec. 2019, p. 28). Some people with mental disorders are strongly driven by their own psychological demons to acquire power and influence. Psychologically normal people are not so obsessively driven.

Combine the above with a truism famously stated by Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

We need to shine a bright light on the fact that the political left is becoming more irrational, more intolerant, more extreme, more violent, more corrupt, more fascistic and totalitarian. If we don’t fix the political left, if they succeed in achieving all of their perverse goals, they will set this country back decades.

Wayne Lela, Downers Grove, Ill.