Like Johnny Cash said in his song, “I walk the line.” I, too, walk the line, but the one I walk is the white line on the edge of Bumpy Oak Road.

When I moved in to the carriage house on Longevity Farm, I thought, “What a wonderful, quiet, beautiful place to live.” For the first three months I came and went in my Chevy Sonic. But then it was repossessed, and I was left stranded.

All through the winter I stayed inside and didn’t go anywhere. My two housemates walked to town and then got to know our neighbors who gave them jobs to do. They brought in food for us which they bought or was given. The community considers us a part.

Because I had been a victim of circumstances I didn’t care to venture out. Then suddenly this spring I decided to start walking to the mailbox to get some exercise. After regaining my strength and losing some weight, I decided to walk on Bumpy Oak Road where there are no shoulders. Although the speed sign says 40 mph, I soon realized that drivers paid no heed to the speed sign. I had three different law officers tell me it is no safe road to walk on. I also noticed the litter along the road. Beer cans, fast food trash, etc., were tossed along the roadside.

I believe that most of the traffic is from outsiders, not local homeowners. Although the deer are abundant, there is no sign indicating a deer crossing. There is also no sign regarding a fine for littering.

In the past there have been accidents on Bumpy Oak, and someone took out our mailbox. The only bus that ventures down our road is the school bus. VanGo does not come down our road.

I have wondered what I can do to alleviate the problem. I have been considering adopting Bumpy Oak Road and thereby do something good for the community.

But I realized that if I adopt it then I would continue to endanger my life by walking and collecting all the litter. Perhaps there is a better solution. I just don’t know what it is.

Elizabeth Annette Barr, La Plata