We should not obsess with concerns about foreign governments’ effects on our elections — our politicians are destroying our elections from within.

Democratic politicians, led by Hillary Clinton, denied the results of our 2016 results. The Pelosi-led Congress tried to overthrow results of the election by pursuing a highly partisan investigation to impeach the president. The reason was a faux dossier that appears to have been financed by the Clinton campaign.

Encouraged by a biased media, a partisan investigation wasted millions of dollars to smear the president and any supporters. Inaccurate polls indicated a majority of the people supported an impeachment. Many of us wanted a fair investigation and learn how this fiasco got started.

Congress assumed guilt and tried to prove it. A not so fair report showed no Russian collusion, but implied maybe something else — maybe a “Contempt of Congress.”

I think they found the answer; I and millions of other Americans now have a “Contempt of Congress.” Let’s have Congress vote on impeachment now and end investigations that never cared about truth.

Oath for witnesses: I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Corrected oath for Congress and presidential candidates: I swear to tell a truth, the holey truth and anything but the truth.

Jim Hill, Welcome