Well Fred, you are partially right. (Fred Bumgarner, Maryland Independent, Nov. 22, “Republicans need to call out Trump’s behavior”) We as Republicans really do need to call out President Trump, not “that embarrassment residing in the White House” as you so eloquently call him. We need to call him out for doing exactly what we elected him to do.

No one in your proud Democratic Party or the media will give him credit for the best economy in our history, the rebuilding of our military, the lowest unemployment numbers in our history, the lonely efforts he is making to stem illegal immigration and drug infiltration into our nation, the negotiating of trade deals (ignored by your wonderful leader in the House) that greatly benefit our farmers and workers, and putting major sanctions on the nation corrupt Democrats attempted to credit with his election. I could go on but you get the idea. Check your 401K, Fred.

Your great leaders in the House just put on a comically partisan effort to call him out for having the audacity to insist our foreign aid to the Ukraine wasn’t going to a corrupt cesspool and for asking that they look into that country’s admitted efforts to elect Hilliary Clinton in 2016.

I am aware that a good economy is an impediment to electing another disaster to the White House.

Fred you should join the prayer group that wants the economy to fail. That wants open borders. That wants to continue getting their children lucrative positions for which they are unqualified for after they get back in power. That wants to stem free speech in our universities, and take the guns away from law abiding citizens. That wants to substitute government health care for our private insurance.

Good luck with all that Fred.

Bobby Wallace, White Plains