the Lightness and the Dark'

“the Lightness and the Dark” by Lisa Elmaleh is currently on exhibit in the Tony Hungerford Memorial Gallery at the College of Southern Maryland.

The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission announced the launch of a new video series, “Farms in Focus,” showcasing Southern Maryland’s diverse agriculture.

The commission was recently awarded a grant through the Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund to create a series of videos on all aspects of Southern Maryland’s agriculture — land and water — with a focus on the farmers, producers, livelihoods and goods and services produced by nine key regional agricultural industries: agri-tourism, aquaculture, equine, forestry, fruits/vegetables/row crops, livestock, nursery/cut flowers, other seafood and value-added products.

Each video will be approximately five minutes long and will feature a combination of educational information and promotional marketing to help bridge the knowledge gap between consumers and their local farmers, and encourage consumers to purchase products from local Southern Maryland farm businesses. The “Farms in Focus” series will highlight overall agricultural industry products, not specific producers or farms, so the videos may be used industry wide. The videos will be available for use by farmers, producers, school systems, economic development offices, libraries, tourism offices, and anyone who wishes to use them to promote the region’s agricultural businesses. The “Farms in Focus” videos series will be available free to view on the SMADC YouTube channel.

Southern Maryland officials named to MABE board

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, more than 180 school board members and other education leaders from across the state gathered for the Maryland Association of Boards of Education Annual Conference. The conference program gave members the opportunity to discuss topics such as education equity, school law, and social media.

During the Presidents’ Dinner, new board of directors officers were sworn in. Virginia McGraw, chairwoman of the Charles County Board of Education, was sorn in as treasurer of the MABE board of directors, and Pamela Cousins of the Calvert County Board of Education was sworn in as secretary.

Also sworn in as a MABE board member was Karin Bailey, chairwoman of the St. Mary’s County Board of Education.

CSM gallery hosts talk on ‘the Lightness and the Dark’

The College of Southern Maryland will host a talk by photographer Lisa Elmaleh on her exhibit “the Lightness and the Dark” at 3 p.m. on Nov. 5 in the La Plata campus’ Fine Arts Center, Room 173, at 8730 Mitchell Road in La Plata. A reception will follow the talk.

Elmaleh’s exhibit is a documentation of her life in a cabin with no running water on the rural outskirts of Paw Paw, W.Va., where she moved in 2014 to learn how to live more deliberately. The gallery, also located in the Fine Arts Center, is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday. The gallery and the talk are both free.

Elmaleh’s exhibit is on display in the college’s Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery from now through Dec. 12. For more information, call 301-934-7828 or visit

It’s that time of year to watch for deer

Fall means cool weather and colorful foliage, but it can also mean unpredictable wildlife. Deer mating season is right around the corner, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources urges motorists to stay alert for deer and other wildlife as these animals seek food supplies and mates before winter.

“Deer greatly increase their movements during the breeding season from mid-October through November as they search for mates,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said in press release. “Motorists should be especially cautious from dusk to dawn when deer are most active and likely to be encountered on the road.”

Everyone should consider these pointers:

• Be particularly attentive in the early morning and evening periods.

• Gradually brake to avoid hitting a deer; do not swerve as this may cause you to lose control.

• Slow down if a deer crosses the road ahead. Deer often travel in groups and others may be nearby.

• Stay alert and slow down in areas where deer crossing signs are posted. These indicate locations of frequent deer activity.

• Watch the shoulder. Be alert for deer standing along the shoulder as they may suddenly move into the roadway. Slow down and sound your horn to scare them away.