The Charles County Board of Commissioners approved Tuesday a resolution that would temporarily suspend approval of site development plans or Certificates of Use and Occupancy for any property whose use would include adult entertainment, according to a county news release.

Commissioners took this action to allow time to update zoning regulations to limit adverse public impacts of adult entertainment activities, according to the release. The resolution takes effect immediately and expires on Dec. 31 of this year.

“Recent efforts to open an adult entertainment club in an area near churches, schools and residential neighborhoods were unwelcomed by the community and it necessitated the Board’s action today,” Commissioners' President Reuben B. Collins II (D) said in the release. “We need this resolution to give the county time to conduct a thorough review of our zoning ordinances and a study regarding the adverse impacts of adult entertainment establishments to ensure they are addressed.”

The county’s zoning regulations do not provide specific guidance or restrictions on adult entertainment clubs and related activities. The resolution requires all applicants seeking a Certificate of Use and Occupancy to provide a written statement that no adult entertainment activities will occur on their properties as part of business operations. The county’s zoning officer is authorized to deny any application that does not include that statement.

The commissioners directed the Department of Planning and Growth Management to study the issue and draft a zoning text amendment that will "legally regulate the location, signage, security requirements, hours of operation and related activities of adult entertainment establishments," according to the release. The commissioners want the zoning text amendment ready for consideration by July 1.