A Waldorf man who formerly worked in the county’s public school system was arrested Jan. 7 in Waldorf for sex abuse of a minor, per a sheriff’s office press release.

According to the statement, detectives assigned to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division charged George Andrew Taylor, 34, with sex abuse of a minor continued course of conduct; sex offense third-degree; sex-offense fourth-degree; and second-degree assault in connection with a sexual child abuse case that was reported in December 2019.

Taylor allegedly abused the child in both Calvert and Charles counties, the release says, and is known to the family of his victim. The investigation revealed to detectives that Taylor was most recently employed by Calvert County Public Schools. Taylor also previously was employed as a building worker with the Charles County Public School system between 2014 and 2018, holding roles at John Hanson Middle School, T.C. Martin Elementary School and also serving as a junior varsity wrestling coach at St. Charles High School.

The alleged assaults did not occur on school property in either county. However, Charles County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Diane Richardson said Wednesday by phone, when investigators learned that Taylor was employed in both systems, they felt the information about his employment was important to share to make parents aware.

“Investigators from Charles County and Calvert County are pursuing information and working to determine whether any criminal activity involving a student occurred while Taylor was employed by either school system,” the release says.

Although not all the alleged offenses were committed on school grounds or against students of theirs, Taylor is one of several former Charles County Public School employees to be charged with sex crimes against children in the last few years. His arrest comes the same week as the sentencing hearing for one former county substitute teacher, Keith Allan Krikstan, who was convicted last year of abusing two preteen girls. Krikstan worked as a substitute at the middle school the girls both attended several times while employed by the system, and was actively engaged in a text messaging relationship with one at the same time.

Additionally, this week, a group of parents of students at Gale-Bailey Elementary School announced their filing of a Title IX complaint against the school system with the U.S. Department of Justice after they say their daughters, who were enrolled in fourth grade at the school, were sexually assaulted by students on the playground at recess and the system failed to take appropriate action.

Charles County Public Schools spokeswoman Katherine O’Malley-Simpson said by email on Wednesday that a letter from Superintendent Kimberly Hill was sent out system-wide to parents and employees about Taylor’s arrest and provided a copy to the Maryland Independent. In the letter, there is mention of Taylor having had one-on-one contact by text message with a student.

“Taylor was employed by CCPS from November 2014 to January 2018 as a building service worker and assistant manager,” the Jan. 7 letter reads. “He also served as a junior varsity wrestling coach at St. Charles High School in 2015. At the time of Taylor’s employment, he was fingerprinted and completed orientation, training and submitted to a background check with the State of Maryland and FBI. Mr. Taylor did not have a criminal history.”

“Taylor worked at John Hanson Middle School and T.C. Martin Elementary School,” the letter continues. “In 2015, Taylor sent text messages to an eighth-grade student over a two-week period. Human Resources staff investigated and determined the message content was not suggestive and there was no physical contact reported. Taylor was directed to have no further contact with the student. He resigned from CCPS in January 2018.”

“I am notifying you of the charges because Mr. Taylor worked for and coached with CCPS for three years and your child may know him,” Hill said in the letter.

The sheriff’s office release asks that parents whose children may have come into contact with Taylor speak to them and report any activity that could be deemed inappropriate to Detective Bringley at 301-609-6499.

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Twitter: @LindsayIndyNews