A Waldorf man was arrested last week, accused of threatening a civil process server by reportedly racking a handgun when he came to the front door with divorce paperwork.

Charged with first-degree assault and illegal possession of a regulated firearm, Philip Carby Allen, 44, was arrested last week on a warrant for the alleged incident on Nov. 3.

On Nov. 3, deputies with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home in the 3400 block of Walnut Court in Waldorf after a civil process server reported that Allen had brandished a handgun in what was perceived to be a threatening manner when he attempted to serve him his divorce paperwork, charging documents indicate. He told officers that after Allen confirmed his identity and he attempted to serve him the paperwork, Allen pulled out a handgun, racked it and said, “I don’t want any [explicit] paperwork.” The process server told police that he feared for his life and tried to leave as quickly as possible, dropping the paperwork at the door and walking back toward his car. Allen allegedly followed with the gun tucked in his waistband, and the process server drove away to await police arrival.

Officers arrived on the scene and convinced Allen to come outside after talking to him on the phone for about 10 minutes, court records show. Allen was then detained. He told police that he raised the gun and unloaded it to make the man serving the paperwork feel more comfortable, and denied following him afterward, charging documents state. Allen was then taken to a nearby hospital for an emergency evaluation due to stress and possible substance abuse.

Allen was formally charged and arrested on warrant about a week later, court records indicate. He has since posted bond and been released.

Twitter: @Andrew_IndyNews

Twitter: @Andrew_IndyNews