The Maryland Public Service Commission has taken action against a retail energy supplier, Smart One Energy LCC, for enrolling customers without their consent — known as ‘slamming’ — and other violations of state law, according to a PSC press release.

In an order issued Friday, Aug. 2, the commission suspended Smart One’s license to operate as a natural gas supplier in Maryland and also imposed a civil penalty of $561,000 — the largest civil penalty the PSC has ever levied against a retail supplier, according to the press release. This matter stemmed from a filing in May by the commission’s “technical staff” alleging that Smart One Energy engaged in unfair and deceptive marketing practices. That filing was a result of three customer complaints filed with the commission’s Consumer Affairs Division. Smart One Energy, which has principal offices in New York, has been licensed in Maryland since 2011. According to the company, it has served about 17,000 customers in the state over the past five years and currently has more than 10,000 customers in Maryland.