A Huntingtown High School English teacher, who was indicted on sexual abuse charges following an investigation into his sexual encounters with a 17-year-old student, pleaded guilty to two separate fourth-degree sexual offense misdemeanors last Monday, Oct. 5.

Bryan Matthew Mullins, 36, of Chesapeake Beach, was initially arrested on Aug. 3 and later freed after his wife posted bail, and was placed on administrative leave by Calvert County Public Schools without pay following the arrest.

Last Monday, Mullins pleaded guilty to two sexual offenses in the fourth degree as a person in a position of authority, court records say. He was sentenced to two consecutive one-year sentences for each charge, but the entire sentence was suspended.

Mullins was also ordered to register as a first-tier sex offender as a result of the plea, and was sentenced to supervised probation for five years.

In charging papers filed by Detective Joshua Buck of the Calvert sheriff’s office, police alleged the juvenile student had provided investigators with a packet of documents, including text messages, love letters, emails and direct messages from social media.

Sexual encounters occurred in Mullins’ house, a classroom, the girl’s car, a state park and a tree farm, charging papers say, and the two engaged in intercourse “approximately 40 times.”

Mullins’ plea deal also requires him to have no unsupervised contact with minors during his probation period, and requires him to not be employed as a teacher in “any capacity” during that time, court records say.

In a statement provided by Cathy Page, Calvert school system’s public information officer, Calvert Superintendent Daniel Curry said following Mullins’ conviction, the school board would notify the state superintendent and ask for his teaching certification to be revoked.

“Should he lose his teaching certification, he will be unable to teach anywhere,” Curry said.

Following his sentencing, Mullins’ lawyer, Thomas Morrow, filed a motion to allow a hearing after one year of his probation to remove his guilty pleas, allow probation before judgment, and remove the requirement for him to register as a sex offender.

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Twitter: @DanSoMdNews