A Northern Virginia man who was arrested last June on kidnapping allegations will be behind bars for over a decade after pleading guilty in federal court this month to kidnapping and witness tampering.

Henry Lee Kenner II of Alexandria received a 12½-year federal prison sentence following the incidents, where he was accused of kidnapping his then-girlfriend and later, in federal prison, attempting to hire somebody to kill her.

Kenner, now 43, allegedly drove from Virginia to Prince Frederick where his girlfriend lived, early in the morning on June 8, 2019, after his girlfriend, who told investigators she had met him online in March 2018, did not reply to text messages as her phone’s battery had died.

Kenner thought she was cheating, an FBI affidavit filed with his indictment says.

According to a stipulation of facts signed by lawyers on both sides and Kenner, he arrived at her house and asked to speak with her, before he assaulted her and cut her hand with a knife, then forced her into his passenger seat, where he began driving from Calvert back to Virginia.

During the drive, the woman called her daughter and, per Kenner’s alleged instructions, told her she was going to the Brandywine Wawa with him and would be back soon, the indictment says. A Maryland state trooper also called Kenner and asked him to return the woman, to which he agreed, but did not do.

Eventually, as reality set in and Kenner began crying about going to jail, the two decided he would drop her off at the hospital, and she would not tell police, according to court documents. Kenner eventually told police himself, though, turning himself in to the Maryland State Police.

Kenner was arrested that day on state charges, and was later indicted by a Calvert grand jury before being indicted by a federal grand jury for the District of Maryland in late October last year.

But in federal prison last December, Kenner allegedly attempted to arrange for another party, whose name is not listed in court papers, to kill the woman to prevent her from testifying, a superseding indictment filed this July alleges.

Kenner “attempted to persuade” the individual, “in exchange for money, to arrange for the killing of the victim so that she would be unable to testify against him,” a release from the Department of Justice says. “The individual did not execute the plan and no money changed hands.”

Just prior to his trial dates, Kenner pleaded guilty to kidnapping and witness tampering as part of a plea agreement. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to 150 months in prison, as well as five years of supervised release.

Twitter: @DanSoMdNews

Twitter: @DanSoMdNews