A Mechanicsville woman faces a felony animal cruelty charge and 16 misdemeanor animal cruelty charges following an investigation.

Jennifer Katherine Hurry, 53, was issued a summons in the case in which the St. Mary’s sheriff’s office and animal control officers allegedly found neglected and malnourished animals that were kept in a “very secluded area.”

A drone was used initially to observe the area before a search warrant was obtained and executed on Jan. 21, a charging document states.

Animal control supervisor Joy Wilson said the county received numerous complaints about animals getting off the property and running loose since 2018. The farm is in the 42200 block of Greenwell Hills Lane, located off Medleys Neck Road in Leonardtown.

According to the document, 19 horses, three cows, two goats and 12 fowl were recovered from “deplorable conditions.”

Some of the horses were allegedly suffering from infections and parasites and left in a muddy paddock of less than 1 acre with feces and minimal hay.

The goats needed medical attention to their feet, according to the document.

Two dead horses were found that were not properly buried, including one that the 19 horses could access.

A necropsy of one horse revealed that it died of starvation, according to the document. A Michigan State University study of the horse’s bone marrow showed that it had only 2.8% body fat. A horse’s normal body fat level is 81.7%.

Hurry was issued the charges on Sept. 14, and has an initial hearing scheduled in circuit court for Oct. 8, according to court records.

Twitter: @CalebSoMdNews

Twitter: @CalebSoMdNews