Terell D. Swales

Terell D. Swales

Terell Devon Swales, 33, of Lexington Park was sentenced on Friday, July 9, for one count of cocaine distribution, a felony.

St. Mary’s State’s Attorney Richard Fritz (R) said Swales dealt $100 worth of cocaine, or 0.8 grams, on Nov. 8, 2018. Fritz said the case was delayed twice due to Swales taking a COVID-19 test.

Judge Michael J. Stamm pronounced sentence following a plea agreement. The Alford plea does not admit guilt but acknowledges the state has enough evidence for a conviction.

Fritz said Swales had been on ankle monitoring for one year and six months. He was given credit for that time, but was sentenced to seven years in the Maryland Department of Corrections with all time suspended except for 18 months.

The sentence includes four years of supervised probation. Stamm authorized Swales for work release, which Stamm said should begin soon.

“He’s been on home detention for a very long period of time with no issues,” defense attorney Hammad Matin said, adding that Swales works two jobs.

Swales, who said he has children ages 10, 8, 6, 3 and 1 whom he takes care of, told Stamm, “I’ll never see you in this courtroom again.”

Man, 36, sentenced for two counts for assault

In another case on July 9, Tony Andrew Quade, 36, of Lexington Park was sentenced to a total of seven years in jail for two offenses, misdemeanor assault and possession of a rifle/shotgun while under a protective order.

Judge David W. Densford suspended all time except for one year and six months. He ordered Quade to have two years of supervised probation.

According to an indictment, Quade kicked his son in the face and struck a woman in the face with his hand on May 9, 2020.

Several charges were nolle prossed as part of a plea agreement, including felony child abuse, another misdemeanor assault charge and violating an extreme protection order.

Quade must complete alcohol/drug treatment, refrain from using alcohol and illegal drugs, have no unwanted contact with his ex-wife, children and in-laws, and forfeit any seized weapons. He also must not possess a firearm.

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