EASTON — APG Chesapeake, the publisher of Southern Maryland News, recently announced it has partnered with Column, a public benefit corporation, to launch a new public notice platform for our newspapers across the Chesapeake region.

Column’s software streamlines every stage of the public notice process — making it easy for clients to place notices in newspapers, as well as providing searchable, online databases of public notices for local communities.

“We are excited to be working with Column to upgrade our public notice process. We’re always looking for new, innovative approaches, and Column’s platform will both improve our operations behind the scenes and provide a better experience for our customers,” APG Chesapeake President Jim Normandin said.

The new search sites offer a host of features that enable users to quickly find public notices, searching by category, keyword or publication date. Users also can subscribe to receive email updates about new notices that match their search criteria.

In addition to launching these new search sites, APG Chesapeake has begun using Column’s public notice platform to process legal ads. For legal agencies, government clerks and private parties placing public notices in newspapers, Column’s software offers a more efficient and innovative placement process, along with a centralized portal for keeping track of public notices.

To place public notices with an APG Chesapeake newspaper, simply visit apgchesapeake.column.us and submit the notice online.