The following letter was also sent to the St. Mary’s County commissioners.

As an up and coming senior citizen of St. Inigoes, I would love to have a YMCA facility in our St. Mary’s County.

Many of our military retired friends have moved to communities in Florida, like “The Villages,” to gain ample access to swimming, exercising and overall fitness programs that could be available right here in Southern Maryland. A brand new, clean, easily accessible, better size and better equipped YMCA complex would greatly benefit people of all ages here … especially us older folks.

Many folks currently have to compete for the limited locations, sizes, specific types, parking restricted and handicapped other places that offer way less space and user friendly amenities for the shear volume of people that are active, health-conscious, contributing residents. As locals, supporting the businesses that make up the area we enjoy calling home, our lifestyles invite an even higher volume of guests that also seek outlets for similar family oriented activities to share.

Also, in knowing the constant military lifestyle of multiple lifetime moves, we often look for communities that include YMCA complexes that can subsidize our school, work, neighborhood and church outlets to often act as a “home base” of familiarity as we transition in and out of continuously changing home locations. Knowing that consistency helps us adjust, on so many levels. It helps keep us more focused and ready to function as fulfilled, capable and productive members of society. A local YMCA is part of our “American way.”

Thank you for your time and consideration on this project to enrich and enhance our daily lives in St Mary’s County.

Kindness matters.