I served 23 years in the Air Force as an aircraft maintenance officer and pilot. I served out of love for my country and a respect for Old Glory and all it represents.

On this Memorial Day, as well as many in the past, I reflect on friends and acquaintances I served with as well as two cousins who served in World War II who paid the ultimate price. When I reflect on these heroes and the many others who have served in all the wars of the past to protect our freedoms that we enjoy in America, I have an especially heavy heart when I see what is being done to our military by this administration.

The Pentagon at the direction of the commander-in-chief has plans to monitor the social media of service members for extremist content. Based on the actions of “Big Tech,” who are now a branch of the Democratic National Committee, that will be anyone who disagrees with the socialist agenda of the progressives.

They are also requiring all service members to be indoctrinated with the Marxist critical race theory. Critical race theory teaches that race is the most important characteristic of an individual and that America is an evil and oppressive place.

I would not have served in the military if I thought America was an evil and oppressive place and none of my compatriots, of any grade or rank, thought in those terms and it did not matter the color of their skin.

Many jobs in the military are extremely important because people’s lives depend on how well that individual performs his/her job. In such jobs, merit is what matters, not skin color. I have a grandson in the submarine service and I believe all these young men and women serving in this volunteer force are the finest of our citizens who signed up to protect our freedoms from all enemies foreign and domestic.

The hypocrisy of the progressives is truly amazing when those who are protecting our freedoms from socialism/communism are in turn subjected to Marxist propaganda.