The following letter was sent to the Calvert school board.

At this point we have heard in many different flavors that critical race theory isn’t in Calvert public schools. And at face value you are correct as critical race theory is a legal theory. However critical race theory as we know it today has transformed since its inception in law school and I know its tenants, teachings and beliefs are embedded in our policies, staff and teacher training, and are being included in the student environment.

A little history lesson — critical race theory started right as the civil rights movement began to slow down as a theory, which it still is. This theory wanted to research and identify how law may need to be modified or changed to further achieve equality (yes, equality) for African Americans and other minority groups. Critical race theory has been taught in law school for decades — specifically looking at the law.

Since the 1990s, critical race theory started to transform from law school into other areas, education being one of them. Over the years it has transformed and gotten twisted and disguised, most recently with the very controversial teachings and books by Ibram X. Kendi.

Today critical race theory, as the masses refer to it as, is disguised in terms like equity and anti-racism and white privilege. It appears in the classroom through new biases pushed onto teachers and staff and further push onto students. You don’t call it critical race theory, but critical race pedagogy is deeply within Calvert public schools’ classrooms.

At this point I assume many of you don’t know the difference or how it is harmful in its current state, or you wouldn’t so openly support it or have voted for the anti-racism resolution.