Several of our American cities are isolating themselves from the rest of the country. It is happening because of all the protesting, rioting, burning and looting. A city cannot exist without its businesses, places to work and sites to see. It cannot exist with lawlessness and crime.

Sometimes things start out small like some years ago when people would go into a gas station and fill up and then leave without paying. Technology helps to solve some problems like this. With the advent of credit cards and new gas pumps, you had to use your credit card or pay inside the store first before pumping gas.

The telephone company was having problems with their installers and repairmen getting robbed. The company tried to alleviate the problem by giving them only lunch money to carry and cheap wrist watches. People were still taking all the telephones and tools from the truck. When cell phones came into service the workers no longer did much installation and repair and the problem went away.

People like to live in the city or come into the city for all its amenities like jobs, restaurants, sports, entertainment, museums and zoos. When they don’t feel safe, they will not come. When most the amenities in the city are diminished, the city deteriorates. When this happens people will gravitate out from the city and bring with them the lawlessness they had in the city.

It seems like this is going to happen and it does not bode well for our country. What will happen and what we will do about it, I don’t know.

I can only hope things work out for the best.