Like many of your readers, I recently received an email from Del. Matt Morgan (R-St. Mary’s) entitled, “My statement on the breach of the Capitol.” In the last three sentences he condemns the use of violence as a means of protest for any reason — as do I. But for me the most interesting part of the statement lay in the preceding sentences, which are devoted to excuses for what he then condemns.

First, he implicitly equates — by references to civil disturbances in Atlanta, Minneapolis and Kenosha — protests against racial bias in metropolitan police departments with insurrection against the United States, which is what transpired on Jan. 6. He moves on to allege — underscore allege — acts of violence by Antifa against conservatives, after which he plays the “our country being ripped away” from us card. The cherry on top is frustration over an election, “they do not feel was fair.”

I understand that Mr. Morgan has to be sensitive to his constituency; I thought him brave to condemn the events at the Capitol at all. Setting aside the “unfair” election, for which we await any evidence at all that will pass muster in a court of law, those who share his views should advocate for policies and programs that will garner the approval of the majority of their fellow citizens, which will then enable them to make the rules. It’s called democracy.