When I read rebuttals to what a failed presidency the Biden administration has been, the only facts they offer is to “Google this” or “Google that,” like you will get some facts.

Google, like Facebook and Twitter, suppresses free speech and gives you what the administration and the mainstream media wants you to read — not necessarily any “facts.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a second grader to see that we are much worse off now than ever under the Trump administration — and don’t give me that sorry old story it’s because of the pandemic. If it was, prices would have been up last year due to scarcity. No, this all started Jan 20, 2021, when Biden reversed everything Trump did with a stroke of a pen. Things like the Keystone pipeline, drilling is Alaska, reducing fracking, and reducing drilling on federal land (which hurt Native Americans more than you).

Everything depends on oil — gas prices go up, transportation prices go up — goods like the plexiglass everyone thinks protects you in stores is an oil by-product. So, in short, all of this disaster of 2021 was self-inflicted by whoever is telling Joe Biden what to do. You can blame it on him — he doesn’t even know what year it is.

Stephen Baumgartner, La Plata