This is in response to the Nov. 13 letter in the opinion page of Southern Maryland News written by Gloria L. Hawkins titled “I never saw racism in Calvert schools.” The letter was written to Calvert public schools’ Superintendent Daniel Curry because of discussions about racial issues in the Calvert County schools. The letter gave reasons why racism does not exist in the Calvert County schools.

Just because a person does not see racism does not mean it does not exist. Just because a person is not a racist does not mean it does not exist. Just because a person treats everyone the same, does not mean racism does not exist. I commend you for being one of those who treats everyone the same. But everyone is not like you. There are people in this world that have a need to have someone to debase to enhance their own ego.

There are hundreds of African American families in Calvert County. My family is only one of them. Two of my three children experienced racism when they were in this school system. Multiply that by the hundreds of African American families and you get a prevalence of racism.

Several years ago after McArthur Jones (a well-known educator) passed, I wrote a letter to the editor about how he corrected a racial situation for my daughter when she attended an elementary school.

My younger son experienced a situation when he attended a high school with his knapsack, which contained his school books and a small box of toy caps which he bought from a store and forgot they were there. When he pulled the school books out of the knapsack at school, the toy caps fell out and his friend picked them up and popped one of them.

Somehow the assistant principal found out about it and suspended my son for detonating an explosive substance in the school. I heard that nothing happened to the white boy that actually popped the cap. We had to meet with that administrator and make him understand that the wording “explosive substance” could indicate TNT or something similar and we had to get him to change the wording to “toy caps.” That term explosive substance could have adversely affected him the rest of his life if we had let it ride that way. Many African Americans today have a difficult time getting a decent job because of trumped up charges like that.

You say racism does not exist. Are you saying that Martin Luther King Jr. organized marchers for no reason? Are you saying the NAACP exists for no reason? A person who is not discriminated against may not see discrimination, but the victim of discrimination sees it very well.