According to the concerned citizens ad in the July 17 edition, the county administrator and the director of public works are demons and worthless.

For decades, Charles County has absolute Democratic control, namely the county commissioners, sheriff, state attorney, Congress, two senators, state senator and three state delegates.

Therefore these elected officials are failures according to the concerned citizens.

Some reasons they are failures are:

• Rep. Steny Hoyer’s concern for criminal rights rather than police .

• Steny’s desire to increase taxes.

• Steny’s desire to implement the green new failure.

• Steny’s dependency of 99% of his money from corporations.

• The only thing Wren Heisler could say about Steny is he is committed to passing the outdoors act.

• Steny supports an America-last and China-first policy.

• Steny watched Baltimore decline and did nothing.

Steny has never participated in a debate. He stays in his office or basement.

You have an opportunity to elect Chris Palombi who is a 35-year-old passionate person ready, willing and able to fight for the elimination of the status quo by supporting President Trump’s policies to make America great again by replacing the swamp person Steny.