Responding to a liberal’s letter is equivalent to shoveling manure out of a barn full of well-fed animals. You can work yourself to a frazzle and the crap just keeps piling up.

Notice I didn’t refer to them as liberal friends. I don’t consider any of them my friends. I cannot communicate with anyone who’s brain has ceased to function as it should.

If their brains functioned as designed, they would all be impressionable. An example would be when they pull into a gas station, every gallon costs them at least 80 cents more per gallon. Or when they used to pay $4.79 a pound For New York strip, now it’s as high as $11.99. The cost of groceries are out of sight compared to a few months prior. Go buy some lumber or building products. Inflation in the first quarter of 2021 is 4.2% and climbing.

The Keystona Pipeline is canceled but our southern border is wide open and the wall is not finished. What is the cost to the us taxpayers for this idiocy of letting all these people into the United States? Over 2 million in April alone and they are still coming.

Mr. Mumbles has never won the nomination in all his attempts in previous Democratic primaries. Now in 2020 he all of a sudden, in his elder years and diminished mental capacity, not only wins the primary but also gets 80 million votes in the general election. People whose brains function as designed know this did not happen.

Maybe when all this inflation that’s here and still coming starts hitting their wallets, more of these liberals may become a little more impressionable.

Right now former President Donald Trump and his “America First” agenda wasn’t too bad, was it? Maybe everyone should consider voting for what’s good for the country instead of your hurt feelings and only voting against someone just because you don’t like his tweets or how he speaks.

Trump’s tweets and how he spoke, especially to the liberal media, always appeared to me he was trying to fix or educate the stupid. Everyone should realize that’s impossible.