I am totally baffled by recent letters that demonize anyone who does not agree with the fundamentalist, right-wing, Republican ideology, many of which are written by evangelical Christians who profess to be Christ-followers. (Disclaimer: I am a lifelong Republican and an evangelical Christian).

I have several questions that I would love to have answered by my Christian brothers and sisters who wholeheartedly support Trump and his Republican enablers. How can you justify your vitriolic judgment and mean spirit towards all Democrats and all liberal thoughts and ideas?

You assume that the only true Americans are Christians and Republicans; that Democrats obviously don’t believe in God or the Ten Commandments, and are, therefore, unAmerican. Do you really think that America is God’s chosen country and the only true Americans are those who believe in the Christian God? Where is that idea coming from? Certainly not the Bible. Certainly not Jesus.

Jesus was very clear about the two greatest commandments: love God with all of your being and your neighbor as yourself. And who is our neighbor? Again, Jesus was clear: “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” Our neighbor is anyone that God puts in our path, whether they are gay, straight, trans, black, white, brown, rich, poor, American, immigrant (legal or illegal), Muslim, Jew, Christian, nonbeliever, Democrat, Republican, sinner or saint — Jesus gave a special admonition to protect the poor and the children and to promote peace and justice for the oppressed.

Here are the ideas put forth by Democrats that are so viciously demonized and posed as radical: every child in America deserves the chance for a decent education. Every family deserves a living wage for their work. People should have access to affordable health care. Refugees fleeing oppression should be welcomed here and have a path to citizenship. Justice and opportunity should be for everyone, not just the wealthy.

These “radical” ideas sound like they could have come from the very lips of Jesus himself.

Many Christians think that Donald Trump is God’s “chosen one” to lead America and he’s agreed (sounds like blasphemy to me). Donald Trump has shown himself to be a liar, a bigot, a bully and a cheat. He panders to his evangelical base but does not practice the words of Jesus. His policies put children into cages at the border. Instead of building bridges and lifting our neighbors, he’s building “a big, beautiful, impenetrable wall” (which has turned out not to be big or beautiful or impenetrable — just expensive) to keep out those he sees as undesirables. He assassinates the characters of anyone who dares to speak the truth. He blames others for his shortcomings. He pulled our country’s support from the World Health Organization in the time of a worldwide pandemic to distract from his own lack of preparedness and leadership. He has no compassion for those who are suffering, not only with this current crisis but also with the many mass shootings and natural disasters that have occurred during his time in office. He is no comforter in times of sorrow, that’s for sure.

His Christian base is constantly giving this man a pass for his bad, cruel and corrupt behavior. Will someone please tell me why? (I really want to know.) And, please don’t say it has anything to do with abortion. You can’t claim to be pro-life if you don’t show love and compassion for the suffering of people who are already here.