People have beliefs based on facts and beliefs based on feelings. One can persuade those who base their beliefs on facts; it really can’t be done for those who base their opinions on feelings.

Millions of people voted in this last election. About 150 million in total voted for a presidential candidate. President Joe Biden won by a total of about 9 million more votes.

Some people think there are questions that remain unanswered. They refer to thousands of affidavits across the country of fraud, corruption, theft. Those were submitted in state courts across the country.

In fact, because lawyers can’t assert fraud in an election without risking their license to practice unless a reasonable case (prima facie) can be made, none of the filings actually allege fraud. The court filings were based on failure to follow procedure. In one case, the court ordered a recount of actual ballots because the court found a procedural defect.

Some of former President Donald Trump’s lawyers alleged fraud, but those allegations were not pursued in court. The states where the elections were close audited those elections. Close elections, depending on the state maybe a full percentage point, must be audited. Audits were undertaken in all the swing states and some others. The audits never showed more than four ballots which had been counted but shouldn’t have been. I repeat, never more than four.

The idea that Biden’s opponent had bigger crowds is meaningless, since one of the tenets of the Biden campaign was to not go where there are crowds due to the coronavirus pandemic. People who voted for Biden would not be in crowds.

Similarly, Biden supporters did not go to the polls in person; therefore, the votes cast by them would not be counted until after the polls closed. Again, the ballots in the close races, about six, were audited in those six states. Counted by Republican elected and appointed officials.

People can have their beliefs based on feelings. Those beliefs won’t change. This letter won’t change them. But, a different perspective needs to be considered. This election was stated to be the fairest in history by a Republican appointee.