Letter to the editor

The June 5 letter “These systemic patterns of racism must end now” written by state and county representatives of the NAACP reeks with political hypocrisy, hyperbole, opportunism and exploitation.

According to Mr. Willie Flowers, the NAACP’s state president, “Murdering citizens does the opposite of community building.” In 2019, a total of 348 people, of whom 325 were black, were murdered in Baltimore city, the second-highest count since 353 in 1993. Where were the NAACP’s outrage, protests and marches for these murders? Is a moral exception made when the violence is black on black? If so, then black lives do not matter when they cannot be used to a political end.

William “BJ” Hall, president of the St. Mary’s branch of the NAACP, writes “we are calling for a review of local policies and practices that govern our sheriff’s office and office of the state’s attorney to ensure the current system adequately holds law enforcement accountable for police brutality and other misconduct.” Has the NAACP previously alleged that any incidents of police brutality and other misconduct have occurred during the tenures of Sheriff Tim Cameron and State’s Attorney Richard Fritz? Is this simply a contrivance and pretext by which to attempt to gain political influence and relevance, and is it motivated because these two officials are Republicans? If a review is warranted, a “pattern or practice” investigation by the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice should be requested.

The NAACP is disqualified from conducting such a review because of its blatant political bias. For example, in the letter, Janice Walthour of the local NAACP chapter, accuses President Trump of “intentional racial divisiveness and marginalization of communities of color,” a Democratic Party talking point. Mr. Hall writes, “Our local branch will focus on redressing the systemic racism against our community,” including by “securing a drop box for mail-in voting in Lexington Park in time for the Nov. 3 general election. We must vote in November.”

Are we to believe that voting in person at a polling place is systemic racism? If so, then voter suppression to the Democrats is not being allowed to vote more than once.

The murder of George Floyd is an example of the critical problem of the excessive use of force by some police officers. What has followed is the shameful politicization and exploitation of this tragedy.