Former President Trump is a well known liar. He’s a lying liar who lies. He literally lied on average more than 10 times a day from the time he entered office until when he left office and the only reason he isn’t lying as much now is that he is barred from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Hydroxychloroquine was one of his lies. He had an ownership interest in the chemical company that made that. It had no effectiveness in treating COVID-19. It was tried and found ineffective, as were other drugs that were used to treat the symptoms but were not cures. In that particular case, it wasn’t much use even treating the symptoms and abandoned even in treating him when he had COVID-19.

He is responsible for five additional miles of wall along the Mexico border. He had miles of wall built but it was over the easy stretches of land, where a wall was already in place. People climb over, cut it down and slip under it (where it has to be raised to avoid flash floods that would knock it down if not raised).

The ignorance about the wall continues to astound me. It is ineffective, like that drug he touted. If you are serious about stopping illegal immigration, you need motion and sound detectors across the border and a lot more border patrol to get there before people who have been detected crossing escape.

A rising tide raises all boats, but it’s only good if you have a boat. Trump was very good for the top 10% of citizens and not good for the other 90%.

But, for reasons that escape me, he is loved by millions. When Richard Nixon resigned, 26% approved of the job he was doing. Trump got 75 million people to vote for him, but President Joe Biden had 83 million. Biden won the Electoral College by more votes than Trump did in 2016.

But, people say there was fraud. I imagine it is because Trump says it and Trump is always right for many. I don’t understand this adulation. I have never felt that way about any president. They all seem more or less fallible and prone to error. The question for me is always are they trying to help the least of us. The people without boats.