Heather Earhart is a candidate for the St. Mary’s County Board of Education, challenging incumbent Jim Davis. I write in opposition to her election for the following reasons.

In principle, but not necessarily in practice, the school board is politically non-partisan. Earhart is the vice-chairman of the St. Mary’s County Democratic Central Committee, and her election would violate both the principle and the spirit of political non-partisanship. There would not even be a pretense of her impartiality. The Democratic Central Committee posted its support on its web site at www.stmarysdemocrats.org/so_many_things_august_2020.

Earhart is endorsed by the Education Association of St, Mary’s County, otherwise known as the teachers’ union, which is known to favor Democratic candidates for elected offices. In the candidate’s questionnaire and interview, Earhart essentially committed to serving as a cheerleader and rubber stamp for the labor union rather than equitably representing public interests.

Earhart is opposed to school choice and allocating public funding to home and private school students. She is opposed to linking student test scores to the performance evaluations of teachers, thereby allowing them to be unaccountable. She is opposed to fully reopening the public schools despite the harmful educational effects on children and the minimal COVID-19 risks.

In June, Earhart was an organizer of one of the two protest marches in Leonardtown against police brutality, which unfairly stereotypes all police officers.

Earhart wrote, “We need to infuse our courses with the true history of this country, rather than teaching solely from a Eurocentric perspective. We are at a crossroads in our country, and it is evident that we need to help educate our students on this history.” Would the infusion of “true history” include teaching the role of the Democratic Party in slavery, oppression, discrimination and the political exploitation of African-Americans?

Public education in St. Mary’s County will be ill-served by the election of Heather Earhart.