According to William Wetmore (“The disastrous illustration of the triumph of belief over facts” in the Jan. 1 edition of Southern Maryland News), the allegations of Democratic Party voting fraud are debunked by the illogic that it would have been limited to only electing Biden/Harris. Wetmore asks, “Why would voter fraud stop with the national candidates?” Therefore, Wetmore concludes that “there was no voter fraud” since the predicted “blue wave” of congressional election victories did not coincide with Biden/Harris.

The premise of Wetmore’s deductive argument is that (1) Democrats are capable of massive voting fraud, and (2) would not engage in half measures, so (3) Democratic losses occur when there is no voting fraud. In other words, Democrats cannot win without cheating, rigging and stealing elections. Therefore, the election of Biden/Harris is an anomaly because it supposedly did not include voting fraud.

When Democrats use such irrational arguments to attempt to convince people that Biden/Harris won without voting fraud, the logical conclusion is that they are lying to hide the facts.

Looking back at Mr. Wetmore’s frequent letters, it appears to be a pattern of misinformation, disinformation and malicious Democratic Party propaganda.