The raging debate over the content of a billboard in Calvert County has descended to the level of absurdity.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m opposed to any kind of censorship except where incitement to commit crimes is involved. The problem I have with the debate that we’ve been seeing is it’s extremely narrow focus on one billboard.

If we’re going to discuss censorship, let’s talk about the reality that’s being censored. And the leading reality is this: We — and I mean the trans-Atlantic financial system — are now in the early phases of a hyper-inflationary blowout. This is not being caused by the pandemic. Rather, it stems from 50 years of neo-liberal economic policies, set into motion by Nixon’s 1971 action of taking the dollar off gold. That action replaced a commitment to producing the physical needs of the population, with one that exalts monetary profit above all else, even human lives. This has been done in conjunction with the spread of radical environmentalism that has now brainwashed two generations in the U.S. and Europe with the idea that human beings acting in the interest of a better and more human future is bad for the planet and must be stopped.

Everyone has already seen signs of that in the rising costs of transportation and energy, and in retail from groceries to auto parts. A growing number of products are increasingly not available at any price.

Most people have probably seen the news reports from Europe of skyrocketing energy costs and the consequent shortages causing serious economic disruption. As Russian President Putin has accurately pointed out, this situation is not the product of anything natural, but rather financial speculation. The speculators are making billions while the rest of us are being driven into poverty.

The process now underway is identical to that of the Weimar Germany hyperinflation of 1922-1923, when the Reichsmark went from about 100 to the dollar in mid-1922 to 4.2 trillion to the dollar — yes that’s trillion with a “t” — on Nov. 23, 1923. Keep in mind that the German hyperinflation greatly contributed to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis.

I can assure you that the Anglo-American financial interests that were behind the German situation then have the same plan for the U.S. and Europe today. Russia and China are the points of resistance against this intention and so, then as now, there is also a growing danger of war. The difference now is that there were no nuclear weapons in 1939.

It was the late American statesman Lyndon LaRouche who uniquely identified the Nazi nature of these monetarist polices already in the 1970s, consistently warning of the destruction they would cause and fighting for the alternative American system policies exemplified by the work of Alexander Hamilton. In 2014, LaRouche offered four laws without which the crisis we are now in cannot be solved.

These laws are: Immediate re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall law separating commercial banking from speculation; a return to a system of top-down national banking as Hamilton defined it; the use of a federal credit-system is to generate high-productivity employment to increase productivity and increase living standards; and a science driver program of thermonuclear fusion and space technologies in order to transform life on earth with new scientific discoveries.

If you want your children and grand children to have a future, you will fight for these four laws.

Carl Osgood, Lusby