Letter to the editor

I am so grateful to Maryland’s 5th District, my campaign volunteers and staff, my friends and my family. For so long they have supported my journey to bring real change to my community.

When we first started this campaign we knew we were facing long odds, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude by how much we accomplished. I never thought someone like me, a formerly incarcerated person, a single mother, a black woman, would be taken so seriously.

While we didn’t win the primary, we won more votes than any challenger to Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md., 5th) in 40 years, and the way we won those votes show a late surge of support:

• We won 15.8% of the first half of votes by mail.

• We won 35.5% of the second half of votes by mail.

• And we won 56.9% of votes cast in person on Election Day itself.

But this was never about one election. This was about starting a movement of regular people, for regular people and by regular people.

We will have justice for all. We will have health care for all. We will save the planet from climate change. We will end homelessness.

To Steny Hoyer, I would like to say: I hope our campaign has shown you there is a hunger in our community for real change, and I hope you can answer the prayers of those struggling in our community and across the country.

To everyone else, I say: The work isn’t over. I won’t stop fighting. And I hope you’ll join me.