My son and daughter-in-law use a wonderful pediatric practice on Centennial Street in La Plata for the care of their two little ones. Several weeks ago, my granddaughter was taken for a visit that left her quite devastated as she received vaccines and had blood work done.

In order to calm her down before the drive home, my daughter-in-law walked her over to the beautiful building, with its gorgeous landscaping including water fountain, on the other side of the street. After a few minutes, my granddaughter was happy again and the trauma was basically forgotten.

A few weeks ago, her baby brother had to go for his first check-up. My son had to drive them and decided that since he and my granddaughter could not accompany them into the medical visit, he would walk her over to the water fountain she had enjoyed so much. Within a few minutes, a security guard came out and told them to leave; they could not visit in this area.

I remember well the devastation in La Plata following the infamous tornado. I remember well that building going up and can only imagine the cost of the water fountain and other amenities. What a shame to have the wealth to provide such a self-serving place of beauty and not wanting to share it with the community. I’m sure all kinds of issues with liability, etc., will be given as to why my son and his toddler were told to leave.

However, perhaps they should consider moving the fountain to the inside of the building so they alone can look at it if they do not want to use it for the public to enjoy. I’m sure they can afford it.