People have been kicking around the question: Why is COVID-19 still around while other countries seem to be getting a grip on it?

Well, while this virus is new to the CDC and our medical community (thank you China for your creativity), we know that it is most commonly passed through droplets from coughing or sneezing. When these virus-laden droplets from an infected person reach the nose, eyes or mouth of another, they can transmit the disease. Therefore, face masks are the most logical deterrent to the spread of the highly communicable virus.

So, to address this question, let’s take a look at the national picture. We’ve seen an attempt to open businesses to save the economy. We’ve seen demonstrations, riots, crowded beaches, political rallies, social gatherings and a large number of the faces visible in these pictures have been as bare as a newborn baby’s behind.

Let me pause at this point to say that our governor has mandated that masks should be worn when entering public businesses and transportation and I applaud our Calvert County residents for diligently observing that regulation as evidenced by our low case/death rates as compared with other counties.

Now, it seems reasonable that if everyone who ventures out into the public domain wore a mask, thereby minimizing the risk of infecting others by the sharing of their breath, coughing and sneezing output, there would be considerably less fodder on which the virus would feed, resulting in the pandemic’s demise due to lack of nutrition by way of victims.

I must therefore conclude that our country’s problem involving the lack of masks, thereby supporting the endurance of the pandemic, stems from the 4-S Characteristics demonstrated within our population.

S1: Stubbornness. This can sometimes be overcome with reason, but most often by denial of admittance.

S2: Selfishness. This can often be overcome by the shaming of those waving the “I’ve Got My Rights!” flag, discarding any consideration for people with health issues, compromised immunity and those who care for sick kids or elderly parents.

S3: Simplemindedness. The under-informed, who, with some edification and the common sense God gave them, gain understanding that not all disease carriers are detectable and thus gracious comply.

S4: Stupidty. Sorry, there’s no way to fix that. But 75% hope is better than none.