Great Mills NJROTC

Great Mills High School NJROTC took third place in Color Guard at the Hanover County High School drill meet.

It’s been quite an experience for everyone having to do online classes. It’s been quite difficult for those students who are new to this. With a little bit of practice and time, we will start getting familiar with it.

I have had an amazing time seeing Capt. Randle, Chief Mack and classmates putting all their effort into making this program work and doing their best to keep up the good work through online schooling. During this difficult time, it’s always better to work together. I personally love ROTC, but not really a fan of having it virtually. I will always prefer learning and being in the classroom rather than being online.

ROTC is one of the best electives you could ever take as a high school student. It prepares students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges. The mission of ROTC is to motivate young teenagers to become better people and have a plan for the future. This is a class run by cadets. We are more than just a group of teenagers. We are more than just a program. We are a family and we stick together.

ROTC has plenty of activities to choose from. I believe every cadet was so excited for this new school year. Excited to participate in drill competitions, orienteering, color guard, athletics and much more. Sadly, we had to start this new school year online. Online schooling affects us in many ways, not always positive. ROTC is more of a hands on class, so virtual learning prohibits us from learning drill, uniform inspections, PT and engaging cadets to participate within the unit and working together.

Online learning takes the magic away from the reality of what truly is NJROTC. But luckily, we are moving closer to students to return into the school building. This year we have a battalion full of energy, full of motivation, more competitive than ever, and ready to make 2020-2021 one of the best years in the history of GMHS NJROTC. As always: “We are Great Mills.”

Written by Maria Calletano,

the public affairs officer

for Great Mills NJROTC.