A Calvert County man who allegedly broke into his girlfriend’s house and assaulted her was indicted late last month by a grand jury.

The defendant, Marcus Marshawn Stout, 26, of Lusby was indicted for third-degree burglary, second-degree assault and committing a crime of violence with a minor present.

The alleged incident occurred in St. Leonard during the early morning hours of May 19, police reported.

Stout was arrested shortly after the incident.

According a the court docket summary, Stout initially faced charges of first-degree assault and home invasion, but both of those charges were dismissed before the case was transferred from district to circuit court.

The investigating officer, Dfc. Ryan Evans of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, stated in court documents that he had been dispatched to a house on B Division Lane around 7 a.m. the day the incident was reported to investigate a “domestic disturbance.”

Dispatchers provided Evans with a description of the vehicle the suspect was believed to be driving. While en route to the scene Evans said he observed a vehicle matching the description and began to pursue it. After a brief chase, the vehicle, which Stout was driving, was stopped on Liberty Street. Evans told Stout “to step out of the vehicle” and he complied.

“I asked him if he got into any altercation with his girlfriend and he informed me he got into a verbal argument,” Evans stated. “Stout informed he stayed at the Holiday Inn last night, and arrived to his girlfriend’s house and noticed his moped was lying in the grass. He informed me he was upset about his moped and got into a verbal argument with his girlfriend. He added that nobody was assaulted during this altercation.”

Meanwhile, Cpl. Marty McCarroll arrived at the victim’s home and conducted an investigation. Evans said McCarroll learned that “Stout removed a screen from a window, opened the window and entered through the window without permission from the victim/homeowner.” McCarroll added that [the victim] had a swollen left eye from a punch from Stout.” Evans added that the woman “also received medical treatment from medics for strangulation, but did not go to the hospital.”

Later that day, Stout was released on $1,500 bond.He is being represented by attorney George Dent Lynch III of the Office of the Public Defender. Prosecution is being handled by Deputy State’s Attorney Jennifer Morton.