A Lusby man was served a three-count indictment in late January in connection with an incident that occurred at a residence in Huntingtown last November. The defendant —identified as Clayton Wallen Taylor Jr., 36 — was indicted by a grand jury on one count each of robbery, second-degree assault and theft $100 to under $1,500.

In an application for statement of charges, Deputy Nick Savick stated that he responded to a reported “strong-armed robbery” during the mid-afternoon hours of Nov. 15. The victim told the deputy, “a buddy of his contacted him, seeking to borrow $15.” According to the victim’s account as told to Savick, “while blowing leaves in the yard, Clayton and an unknown female pulled up to the driveway in a black Pontiac sedan as he was receiving a call from Clayton.”

Savic stated the victim told him that he gave Taylor $10 behind the house. He alleged that Taylor “then pulled out $100 from his [victim’s] pocket,” then grabbed his (the victim’s) hand “with the money in it and attempted to choke [the victim] with his hands.”

The victim told Savic that he “bit Clayton’s hands out of defense.” According to Savic, the victim claimed Taylor “struck him in the face with a closed first approximately three times” reportedly took the $100 and drove away in an unknown direction.

Savic confirmed in court documents that the victim’s face was swollen and he had a chipped tooth.

The victim did not require any medical attention.

According to court records, a warrant for Taylor’s arrest was issued Dec. 8, and an arrest was made two days later.

On Dec. 11, Taylor was released on $50,000 bond.

The defendant is being represented in court by public defender Maria C. Doerflinger.

The case could go to trial in April.

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