Men indicted on sex charges

On Sept. 16, a grand jury in Calvert County handed down indictments on two men who face sex charges.

The unrelated incidents are alleged to have occurred in Lusby in August.

Tronjay Jalik Washington, 18, of Lusby was indicted on four counts, second-degree rape and third-degree sex offense — both felonies — as well as fourth-degree sex offense sexual contact and second-degree assault.

According to Detective Richard Weems, the victim was a juvenile female, and the incident allegedly took place during the morning hours of Aug. 11 outside a house where an underage drinking party was taking place.

“The juvenile victim stated that while she was at the party, she consumed much of a large bottle of Paul Masson brandy,” Weems stated in court documents. “The juvenile victim stated she could not remember much, but she did remember that the suspect, who she identified as Tronjay Washington, walked her outside from the house and put her in the back seat of the car.”

According to court documents, the defendant then began to have sex with her, although she told him to stop.

Weems stated that Washington told his side of the story to investigators later that day.

“During Washington’s interview, he stated that the juvenile began kissing him and asked him to have sex,” Weems stated in court documents.

Washington admitted to the sexual encounter, but was unaware the victim was a minor.

“Throughout the interview, Washington was remorseful and stated many times that he would not have had sex with her if he knew her age,” Weems stated in court documents.

In filing the charges, Weems stated the defendant “knew or should have known that the victim was mentally incapacitated/physically helpless due to being under the influence of alcohol.”

Police first learned of the incident about two hours after it allegedly occurred.

Weems responded to the CalvertHealth Medical Center for the report of a rape where he interviewed the victim.

Washington is being represented by attorney John L. Erly.

The case could go to trial in mid-February.

Kahnr Anthony Allegra, 28, of Lexington Park was served a four-count indictment for third-degree sex offense — a felony, fourth-degree sex offense sexual contact, indecent exposure and second-degree assault.

Allegra is free on $1,000 bond.

In an application for statement of charges, Dfc. Kamren Parks reported the female victim recalled going out to a local bar with coworkers Aug. 9 and then going to the home of a coworker to spend the night.

When she awoke Saturday morning, she was being physically violated by the defendant.

According to details documented in the deputy’s court summary, both Allegra and the victim were partially naked when the incident occurred.

After running out of the room, the victim told the homeowner about the defendant’s alleged actions.

The homeowner told investigators, “that she knows of Kahnr and that he is a friend of someone she knows,” Parks stated. “She advised that she was told he was invited over by someone that was staying at the house that night.”

Allegra was told to leave the house after the alleged incident.

Parks stated in court documents that the victim “wrote a detailed written statement, which was submitted for evidence.”

Allegra is being represented by attorney Bradley Warby. The case could go to trial in early February.

The cases against Washington and Allegra are both being prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney Rebecca Cordero.

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