A St. Mary’s County man is behind bars following a July 11 traffic stop in Owings, which led to a search of his vehicle and yielded a substantial quantity of suspected drugs. A Calvert County woman was also arrested as a result of the traffic stop.

According to documents on file in Maryland court system, Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Detective. Brian Pounsberry stated was driving around Prince Frederick when he noticed a man and woman at a gas station changing a tire on a 2006 Chevrolet Impala. The detective stated he recognized the pair – Jeffrey Rod Bradford Jr., 31, of Lexington Park; and Sarah Ray Ward, 29, of Owings – as “known abusers of controlled dangerous substances and have a history of distributing CDS. Bradford was charged with possession and distribution of CDS over the past five years. Based on my knowledge and experience, over the past several months Bradford and Ward have been observed in locations known for CDS activity and associating wityh individuals who are known abusers and distributors of CDS. Additionally, members of the Drug Enforcement Unit have been advised by concerned citizens and confidential informants that Bradford and Ward have been dealing CDS in the North Beach and Chesapeake Beach area and regularly travel out of the county to obtain CDS in order to bring it bac and distribute in Calvert County.”

The detective stated in court documents that he “initiated physical surveillance on Bradford and Ward” at approximately 10:30 a.m. on July 11. The officer followed the Chevrolet Impala to Baltimore City where Bradford and Ward are alleged to have met with an unidentified man in part of town known by law enforcement as a “high drug trafficking area.”

Shortly before 3 p.m. the Chevrolet Impala traveled back into Calvert County and was stopped by police at the Route 2 — Route 260 intersection. “A search of Bradford’s person revealed a clear plastic bag containing 21 capsules of suspected heroin, nine clear plastic vials with pink caps containing suspected crack cocaine and another plastic bag containing suspected suboxone,” the detective stated in court documents. “The bag was located in the pants that Bradford was wearing at the time of the incident.” Officers also confiscated a cellphone, a hotel room card and U.S. currency.

Ward was read her Miranda rights but chose to waive them, the Pounsberry stated.

She told deputies at the scene that she knew they were traveling to Baltimore City to purchase drugs, admitting she was a drug abuser but affirming she did not have a part in obtaining the CDS.

It was later determined by detectives that the capsules containing suspected heroin weighed 8.4 grams while the glass vials containing suspected cocaine weighed 11.8 grams.

Bradford was charged with CDS possession not marijuana, CDS possession with intent to distribute and CDS possession of paraphernalia. Ward was charged with CDS possession with intent to distribute. Following a review Monday, Bradford remains incarcerated on a no bond status. Ward was released on $5,000 bond shortly after her arrest.

Both Bradford and Ward have district court hearings on the charges scheduled for Aug. 12. Court docket summaries indicated neither Bradford nor Ward has obtained counsel at this time.

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