Calvert County District Court

Calvert County District Court

A 25-year-old Solomons man is being held without bond and is charged with assaulting a woman who claims she was held captive aboard his boat for about one week.

James Alton Abell was arrested by Calvert sheriff’s deputies at his boat Thursday, April 28. He is charged with felony assault and false imprisonment.

In documents on file in district court, sheriff’s office Detective Wayne Wells stated deputies were dispatched to Beacon Marina in Solomons to do a welfare check of a woman reportedly aboard a boat named “Mustard Seed.”

Wells said a woman was located on board and “was suffering from numerous injuries to her body consistent with an assault.”

The woman, who had sustained injuries to her head, jaw, shoulder and arms, was transported to Calvert Health Medical Center. She told deputies that Abell had assaulted her and held her against her will on the boat.

Wells said he asked the victim if she could leave and reported in court papers “she said ‘yes,’ but she didn’t attempt because she was hurt to the point that she couldn’t. She also didn’t want James to stop her and beat her more.”

The woman told deputies Abell left the boat for a court hearing Wednesday, April 27. Court records show Abell is facing assault and trespassing charges stemming from an alleged incident last September. According to the court docket summary, the district court hearing for his case was postponed that day.

While Abell was away from the boat on April 27, the victim used her cell phone to call a relative, who then reported the situation to police.

When Abell returned to the boat that day, he was detained by deputies and taken to the Calvert sheriff’s office where he agreed to give a recorded statement.

According to court documents, during the interview Abell denied assaulting the woman, stating that “she likes to consume alcohol in large amounts on a daily basis,” Wells reported, quoting the defendant. Abell said he believed the victim sustained her injuries from falling while drunk.

Abell had signs of injuries that were consistent with a physical altercation, according to police.

A preliminary hearing on the charges is scheduled for May 27 in district court.

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