A Calvert County grand jury indicted a Lusby woman last month for the alleged break-in and burglary of her ex-husband’s Solomons home, documents on file in the Maryland court system stated. The defendant, identified as Louna Dorzin, 32, was arrested in July for the alleged incident. Court records show investigators surmise the crime occurred between April 8 and 14.

Dorzin was indicted on one count each of first-degree burglary, second-degree general burglary, theft $100,000 plus, theft $1,500 to under $25,000 and third-degree burglary — all felonies — plus two counts each of theft less than $100. A docket summary stated Dorzin’s bail was set at $10,000.

In an application for statement of charges, Cpl. Jason Posey of the Maryland State Police stated that during the mid-afternoon hours of April 14, MSP Cpl. Justin Oles responded to the break-in scene at a home on C Street.

“The door had obviously been broken as the glass portion was completely shattered and both the doorknob and deadbolt appeared to have been broken out,” Posey stated. During an interview with police, the resident stated he was gone for about a week and determined the home and an adjacent shed had been broken into and burglarized. Items reported stolen included a large amount of cash and a gold lapel pin. The victim told Oles he believed Dorzin was the burglar, explaining the two had recently divorced, and she “had been depending on him for money.”

According to Posey, the victim told police, “Dorzin is the only person who would have known about the items which were stolen.”

Posey stated that on May 7, MSP Detective/Sgt. Bruce Bevard “received a phone call from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office advising they recovered a large sum of money from the female locker room of Planet Fitness” in Abingdon.

The name of the victim of the April burglary in Solomons was seen on several envelopes within the packaging. Posey stated he and a state trooper “retrieved $137,500 from Harford County police” and brought it to the Prince Frederick MSP barrack.

On May 25, Oles responded to a call for service in the Solomons area. Dorzin was seeking entry to her ex-husband’s home so that she could retrieve her passport. “Corporal Oles told Dorzin who he was and why he had responded,” Posey stated. Dorzin was read her Miranda rights, which she waived in writing.

“Dorzin initially stated that she didn’t have any knowledge of anyone breaking into [her ex-husband’s] home and did not believe he had any money in the home either,” Posey stated. “Corporal Oles then told Dorzin there was a witness who observed her in the area of the residence around the time when the crime occurred. This time Dorzin stated, ‘well, I did go there to try and get my passport.’ ”

Dorzin said while she was at the residence, she looked for the passport but could not find it. Oles asked her how she could look for it if her ex-husband wasn’t home.

Posey’s documentation of Posey’s interview with Dorzin indicated the accused’s story began to unravel, admitting she was at her ex-husband’s residence but denying she committed the break-in and burglary.

According to court documents, on July 12, Dorzin showed up at Planet Fitness in Abingdon, “asking about the money she left in a locker there.” She told the manager, “that the money was her husband’s, but she had it in the locker to keep it for him.”

Dorzin was advised by the manager that the police had the money, and she needed to contact MSP. She was later charged after a warrant for her arrest was issued.

According to a court docket summary, Dorzin failed to appear for a hearing on the charges when the case was initially in district court.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney Benjamin Gabriel Lerner.

It could to trial in March.

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