Floating Election Holiday

Voter places their vote in past election in voting booth.

The Calvert County board of commissioners approved a request from the public transportation staff that will be working Nov. 3, 2020, Election Day, to receive a floating holiday for use at their convenience at a Sept. 10 meeting.

“The employees will select a day to take off in lieu of the election day, being a workday now for them, with the approval of their supervisor,” County Administrator Terry Shannon said.

The request comes as the county begins to prepare for its fiscal year 2020 budget.

“How is this going to be captured in human resources as far as documentation as policy?” Commissioners’ President Thomas “Tim” Hutchins (R) asked.

County Attorney John Norris said the finance and budget department would receive the report for that specific work period.

In 2018, the county government came under fire after issuing a press release stating that transit service in the county would be canceled on Election Day.

The initial notice that the county’s public transportation would not operate on Nov. 6 last year sparked concerns by the local Democratic Party of possible voter suppression.

The notice was contrary to an October 2014 news release that stated the “County public transportation will operate on a modified schedule on Election Day. Copies of the modified schedule are available on each bus.”

The day prior to the November 2018 Gubernatorial election, the county issued a press release announcing public transportation services would be available Nov. 6 “due to heightened interest.”

Twitter: @CalRecTAMARA

Twitter: @CalRecTAMARA