The push to get a new park opened in Calvert’s northern end highlighted the county commissioners’ Jan. 12 work session on the six-year capital improvement projects in the recreation category.

The total requested by county government staff for recreation resources, natural resources and the Chesapeake Hills Golf Course for fiscal years 2022 through 2027 totals $40.19 million.

Shannon Nazzal, parks and recreation director, revealed some funding strategy tweaks that might ease the county’s economic burden for fiscal 2022 projects, which at the start of the work session were estimated at $14.7 million.

At Breezy Point Park, two projects — replacement of a seawall ($2.12 million) and repair of a jetty (over $1 million) — will be delayed and likely funded by potential grant options and a reimbursement from insurance due to last August’s tropical storm respectively.

Another project, Dominion Energy Park, has $5.5 million in non-county funds, a donation from Dominion. The park is to be located on a parcel in Lusby that Dominion used during its Cove Point liquefaction unit project.

The dilemma with moving the Ward Farm Park project forward appears to be the receipt of significantly less funding than anticipated from the state and which component to prioritize — a roundabout or park restrooms.

Nazzal told the board the state recreation money is provided by the gambling

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