Educating county residents about the 2020 Census is the mission of the Calvert Complete Count Committee.

Sudha Haley, committee chair, addressed the Calvert County commissioners on Dec. 17 and noted that residents can respond to the census by mail, internet or phone.

The census is based on where a person lives on April 1.

The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the census represents $ 1,820 per person per year, so not counting someone would result in a loss of $18,250 over 10 years.

Haley said the Complete Count Committee is developing strategies for typically undercounted groups, including children under 5, those 18 to 24, veterans, non-English speakers and immigrants, the disabled and seniors. In addition, special outreach is being planned for North Beach and Solomons, which have no mail delivery to homes.

Mailings will be sent out beginning March 12 to 20, Haley said. They will not be sent to post office boxes.

Reminders will be sent from March 16 to 24, March 26 to April 3, April 8 to 16 and April 20 to 27.

If the Census Bureau still has no response, an enumerator will be sent to an address to gather census information.

“Responding to the census is easy, confidential and secure, and important to providing our children, families and neighbors with much-needed resources for the next decade,” Haley said in a press release.

“The information collected in the census is vital to planning for public health and safety, schools, transportation projects, obtaining grants and funding for public programs, and ensuring equal representation in Congress and state and local districts,” said Kelly D. McConkey (R), Calvert commission board president. “The 10 minutes it takes to respond can have a far-reaching impact.”

The Calvert commissioners voted in May to establish the Complete Count Committee, which is an all-volunteer group. Along with Haley — a board member of the Calvert County Commission on Aging and the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association — vicechairs include Janet Bellizzi, a representative for the League of Women Voters of Calvert County, and Stacy Milor, town clerk for the Town of North Beach. Twitter: @CalRecCALEB